What is the Curseborn Saga?


The Curseborn Saga is a high fantasy epic, set in the distant fictional realm known as Soria. It tells the tale of Death’s unrelenting pursuit of Lady Life, and the never-ending war known as Eiendrahk [pronounced A-in-drawk]. The Curseborn Saga is a grand adventure that will be released one by one in the form of Novellas.


The Curseborn Saga unravels the myth of Eiendrahk, the never-ending war between the Goddess of Life and the God of Death. In written legend, every 100 cycles Death breaks free of the chains that cage him to his dark world, and he once again descends upon Life in an attempt to steal her element and enter the first sun of the Universe; a place that can only be entered when Life and Death are one. The Goddess of Life is protected by the Sorians, a race of Demi-Gods that live Soria, two floating worlds within her realm. However, because of a terrible curse, the worlds of Soria have been divided and broken, and many believe it is only a matter of time before the Two Worlds go to war. 




The Soldier Games is the opening arc of the saga and consists of 5 Novellas.  The story follows brothers Caim and Storm as they journey across the floating world of Soria to compete in the greatest tournament their realm has ever known; a tournament created to choose the Guardians of Vale from the God of Death. 


Novella I: Fade to BlackAvailable in the Store!


Fade to Black is the story of Caim and Storm, two Sorian brothers who long for epic adventures and finding the strongest Sorians of the Two Worlds to test their might against. After spending nearly 500 rings mastering their grandfather’s final training, the two brothers set out on an inspiring adventure across the first floating world of Falia, realm of the Curseborn, to enter the legendary yet deathly world tournament, the Soldier Games. Along the way, Caim and Storm must pass through the godly forest Neverend, where dark legend speaks of mythical Tree Spirits, otherworldly creatures, and a terrifying beast known to all as the Master of the Forest. Will Caim and Storm find the bravery, heart and strength to overcome Neverend Forest and make it to the greatest tournament of the Two Worlds?


Novella II: Cheaters Never ProsperAvailable in the Store!


This is a tale of floating lands, adventurous swordsmen and hopeless romantics. It is a battle between the truth and the lie, as the fragile balance of life and death tilts back and forth . . . Caim and Storm have surpassed the nightmares of Neverend Forest and find themselves standing before Trestles, the great Capital of Falia. From the secret of ancient alchemy gems to the meeting of a mysterious girl, Storm begins to see how their isolated past is deeply affecting the present. Villainous nobles inspire daring acts of heroism, and Caim soon realizes they have entered a world beyond anything he had ever imagined. It is a world of revolution and myth. It is a world of espionage and doubt. But most of all it is a world haunted by an age-old curse that has silently wrapped its cold, black nails around Soria. In a place where Nobility reigns supreme over those Cursed, can Caim and Storm perform the unprecedented and become the first Curseborn to ever enter the Two Worlds Tournament?


Novella III: The World TournamentAvailable in the Store!


The worlds of Soria can be a dark, cruel place. This darkness hides like a shadow of death, lingering over the lands of Falia and silently condemning all those who have been cursed since birth. For ages on end, the Curseborn have never birthed a victor of the fabled Two Worlds Tournament. For brothers Caim and Storm, this realization is becoming more and more apparent as they continue their perilous journey into the dangerous unknown. After their altercation with a trio of wicked nobles from Risia, the two brothers find that they have unexpectedly come across two winged keys: keys that allow those who hold them to compete in the Two Worlds Tournament. Despite all reason and doubt, they take these keys and come before the great gates, passing into a realm of no return.


Novella IV: Falling TowerAvailable in the Store!


There is a place within the lands of Soria that only the bravest of souls dare to enter. Bloodied corpses, forsaken memories, and malevolent creatures haunt its thirteen floors. Whispers spoken of this place are condemned to silence. It is an ancient relic, built long ago before the Great Laws had ever come to be, before the splitting of the one world and the dark coming of the curse. However, every ten cycles, there are those who kiss their families goodbye, pray to the Goddess of Life, and step forth into this place. They are the warriors who willingly walk into death’s shadow. They are the ones who enter Falling Tower.


Novella V: Brotherhood | Release: 3/1/2016

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We are the Four Lords. Our crew is the Deathless. Join us on our adventure to the floating lands of Soria.

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