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01 Mar From My World to Yours

  ~ Feeling Lord Falkor vibes today, so here’s a sneak peak at Lord Falkor’s first colored concept by Hayashi from Novella II ~


Dreams Keep Me Alive

I sometimes feel this life is a game,
And I sometimes feel that thought is insane,
So everyday I seek, not the answer, but the question,
And all the time I see, that the end is the same.



Hey everyone who just so happens to be interested in this funk-town-spin-up that we call The Curseborn Saga.

**BEGIN First post disclaimer**

It’s been quite the ride so far, so I’ve got a lot to catch you up on, but just as a relationship grows over time, you learn more about us as we will learn about you at the right time. (Not sure when that is, but when it does happen, it will be at… the right time).

**END First Post Disclaimer**

Ok! So… Here’s the earth.

Ha, just kidding… Now on to today’s topic–dreams–because honestly, this whole thing we are building is naught but a dream. It is something that we conjured up in our mind; an idea: “Hey, we can make and tell our own story, right?” Well, there isn’t any law against it… And everybody loves a good story… Yeah! I think we can. That’s not an exact recount of how it happened, but essentially, we just chose to follow that dream.

Hunter S. Thompson wrote in a letter to his friend that, “One who procrastinates in their choosing, will ultimately have their choice made for them by circumstance.” The way that makes sense in my mind is, “Choose!” Why not? Why shouldn’t I just choose the first thing that I like to do. I don’t have to do it forever. If I end up hating it, then I can go do something else. But… But what if I end up loving it? Then I’m truly doing what I love. Anything sound greater than that?

Anything worth it takes risk.
And it isn’t rewarding if it’s easy.

Put your whole self into your dream–whatever it is at this point in time, and don’t worry, you can always change it as you long as you still chase it. If you believe in it, don’t give up. You can only fail if you don’t try again–therefore to me, failure doesn’t exist, because I will always get back up.


In my first ever entry to this Curseborn diary, I want to thank someone who has been an inspiration to our crew, so much so, he is a required study to anyone who joins us.

Eiichiro Oda

You are a legend among storytellers, a creative story-design genius, a rag-doll-emotion-whipping artist (I’ve never responded with so many gigantic smiles and heartbreaking frowns), and a true, in our eyes (speaking on behalf of my crew), contemporary role model, master, and sensei. Thank you, and your crew, for following your dreams and thank you for every character you created. You didn’t just inspire us, you ignited us.


I’m going to sum up this entry with a moment of silence for another extremely huge inspiration for me.

Monty Oum

May you rest in peace knowing that your work has and continues to push me towards a dream that I didn’t think possible. As your student, I will continue to live my life searching for the plateau you were shooting for.


Well, to those who stand alongside me, cursed, I now conclude.

-Elnath D. Shanks



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