Four Lords’ Submit for Intuit Small Business Challenge!

02 Sep Four Lords’ Submit for Intuit Small Business Challenge!

Shanks here~

So I set out to put an entry into this challenge… Well, actually, to be honest my mom sent me an email about it. She’s one of our biggest supporter, if not the biggest, so I take her suggestions very seriously. When I read the email, I thought… Well maybe we could put something together, but it’s kind of late in the game.

There were only a few weeks left to pull this off, so I reached out to a kid I had just met named Ryan Ball and asked if he wanted to work on something. When he said he was down, we started meeting and put together a pretty cool idea. Then, the day of shooting, I showed up with a completely new idea. We only had a small amount of time and our original idea was too ambitious for the timeframe so we changed on the spot and began shooting what you see now.

However! In my haste, I misread the challenge’s request. They did not want a 30 second ad, merely a pitch as to why we deserved one. Well, too late. I made one. So here it is!

Yours swiftly,




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