5 Stars, Jade Crow Reviews Fade to Black!

02 Apr 5 Stars, Jade Crow Reviews Fade to Black!


Review of The Curseborn Saga: Fade to Black (I)


Wow! That’s basically all I can say!
I went into The Curseborn Saga, knowing a minimal amount of information of the plot. And I ended up being thrusted into a beautiful and well thought out, adventurous, enthralling, story. We follow two brothers, named Caim and Storm, who go on a epic fantasy journey battling the world of Inner Depths, and traveling to the first floating world of Falia. We also follow three sisters, who’s names are Remi, Baelie, and Maile. All three sisters encounter great obstacles and paths, to becoming guards for a group of very strong women, who call themselves The Valyti.
Trowa did a fantastic job with the point of view changes from Storm to Remi. It wasn’t at all confusing, which I was really fond of because not many authors execute POV changes as well as Trowa did. Every character was extremely well developed and all of the characters felt relatable in some way. I also really enjoyed how invincible and strong all of the characters were, especially the obstacles that each one faces.
Fade to Black was completely engaging! Trowa has a talent for blending different concepts of anime into his storytelling, which makes it truly unique. His writing style is extremely dynamic, which made me completely involved. I loved the combination of art that was peppered throughout the entire novel. It really helps you get aquatinted with the world your immersed in, as well as visualizing the characters. Trowa’s detail for description is mind blowing!! He completely surpasses Tolkien, when it comes to description and world building!
The Curseborn Saga was such an amazing and fast paced read! And the Four Lords did a phenomenal job! I cannot wait to read the next installment!
-Jade Crow
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